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  • Lime plaster internal and external
  • Lath and Lime partition and ceilings
  • External Insulation
  • Internal Insulation
  • Airtight installations
  • Roof Insulation systems
  • Attic Insulation
  • Standard build external insulation
  • All types of plastering Sand and cement, Bonding, Skimming , Colored plaster

For Timber frame construction we offer a full wall and roof package using breathable insulations and membranes.

Wall Build up:

  • Gutex woodfiber external insulation with rendered finish
  • Cellulose/Hemp/Sheepswool Between studs
  • Intello airtight membrane and tapes
  • Service cavity with batons, filled with hemp/sheepswool
  • Plasterboard/ wood particle board with skim finish ready for paint

Block built or timber frame

Eps external insulation system to block walls using aged graphite eps and the parex lanko external insulation plaster system

Roof Build up

  • External woodfibre insulation to the outside of rafters with membrane and double slate baton {double baton allows us to ventilate the roof space on the outside and completely fill the rafters on the inside.
  • Rafters filled with cellulose/hemp/ sheeps wool
  • Intello airtight vapour barrier
  • Insulated service cavity
  • Plasterboard and skim Finish

Calsitherm Climate Board internal insulation

Calsitherm perfectly compliments our Lime plastering work to older single leaf{ no cavity} wall buildings. This type of wall needs to retain the ability to remain diffusion open {breathe}. The Calsitherm which is a fully diffusion open product can be applied internally to lime rendered walls. Calsitherm has its own thin coat mesh and lime plaster system which is then applied.

Tapered junction board. This board cleverly allows us to retain original features such as covings. The tapered board is 30mm thick down to 8mm thick. Then we blend it into the wall , underneath the coving leaving all covings untouched

Not only does Calsitherm insulate wall, it also regulates the Humidity levels with the room and the wall. Its ability to absorb moisture from the room or wall, eliminates the risk of condensation and mould.

When either the room or wall become drier the calsitherm can then release the absorbed moisture back to the wall or room. This creates a warm and healthy living environment

As contempory lime plasterers we strongly believe in using sustainable, natural materials to create a healthy & warm efficient living environment.